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We feed Royal Canin Dry food, and a mixture of Whiskers and Gourmet wet foods but mostly as a treat as all the vitamins and supplements they need they get from the dry food

Whilst we have no Kittens availble at the moment we do have litters due in mid March.


All our kittens will have been fully vacinated and health checked they will also be microchipped prior to being collected, and come with 4 weeks free petplan insurance

Our terrific Boys are all proven and have a clean bill of health, they are young cats less than 4 years old and full of beans, if you are interested in using our stud facilities you will need to ensure that your queens up to date with all her vaccinations and that she has been tested for any viruses prior to arranging for a studding if you would be interested call me on 01536 330850








Hi My name is Lorraine, and we are hobby breeders of Bengal Cats, The Bengal cat is fantastic pet they are great fun but do require a lot of stimulation so plenty of playtime required, they are great companions but they are not boring yes they will nap on the window sill or your favourite arm chair, but wave a toy in the air and they will be wide awake and ready to play,  Owning a Bengal is not as challenging as you may well think, they eat widely available foods, and have very few medical issues to be worried about, there coat is not subject to heavy molting being short haired and most cat allergy sufferers fair quite well with the breed,  and as long as they are well entertained you will have no problems.

Call us on 01536 330850