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All our Girls have been health checked and are fully up to date with their Vaccinations, they have all been raised in our home, so are well accustomed to household comings and goings, whilst some breeders judge a cat buy its coat alone, we look for personality first, we have found that if your queens are friendly and cuddly their kittens will follow this trait, so with our Bengal Kittens you get all the instinctive behaviour you would expect from  this exotic breed plus they also  people friendly. This we have found gives you the best of both worlds, show quality coats but a cat you can’t play with is just not what a pet should be.



Bengal Queens

The most popular colour of the Bengal is the brown coats, they can be anywhere from  a cool grey to vibrant shades of golden, bronze, copper or mahogany with spots or marbling ranging from  rich browns to intense black


The Snow Bengal, this indicates Siamese and Burmese ancestry. In these colours the coat appears ivory, cream or light tan with spots or marbling that may range from light brown to dark chocolate and the eye colour is blue to aqua.


Silver Bengals have grey to nearly white backgrounds with dark grey to black patterns


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