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Brown Stud Boy



We currently have three Big Boys, all have been raised within our home, they are all big bags of fun, and definitely like the Ladies, all three are proven with several litters behind them, We Consider that in a stud they should have a great Personality, Be large and well built, and have a clear definition of pattern in the coat


All our Boys are fully up to date with all there Vaccinations and health checks If your looking for a stud that will give you strong large kittens give us a call on 01536 330850

Bengal Studs
SnowBengal Stud
Brown Stud Boy

Our Stud


We provide official TICA  Pedigree status, all our boys have been FLV checked clear with a proven track record




Your Queen must be fully up to date with vaccinations and must have been screened for FLV, this is to ensure that both our Cats are clear of disease and healthy, they must also be microchipped in addition we will need to see your pedigree to ensure no overlaps

Stud Fees


Single Queen max of 1 week with the boy £395 with observed mating's logged


Should your cat not become pregnant as a result it may just be the timing of the call was out so we will allow up to 2 additional attempts,

Call us on 01536 330850